Lancelot Vastgoed

Lancelot Vastgoed

Lancelot Vastgoed
Atlantis Fin
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About Lancelot Vastgoed

Lancelot Vastgoed is an online mediator of high quality commercial and residential properties. Lancelot Vastgoed has a real estate portfolio that can meet all the wishes of the tenants. Through knowledge and technology, the real estate portfolio is getting bigger and better.


Laan van Vredenoord 27
2289 DA Rijswijk
The Nederlands

Lancelot Vastgoed
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The roots of Gielen Group started in 2013 when the visioner and FinTech entrepreneur Lex Gielen founded his first digital driven lending platform, Atlantis Financiers. Since then, his company has grown into a network of companies by inhouse development, strategic partnerships, and acquisitions. Today the Gielen Group consists of an international network of FinTech companies, driven by a team of around 40 enthusiastic professionals.

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